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Aesthetics is only one of many reasons. The loss of teeth – even if it is only a single missing tooth- may can adversely affect the bite. Therefore, if you fail to provide the replacement, then the conflict will become more teeth erupt in the dentil, adjacent teeth, collapsed in the empty space, and if more is missing, the remaining teeth are overloaded. These teeth can be lost due to more in the near future. The missing teeth in place over time, reduce the risk of the bone, begins to atrophy, which may make it difficult for subsequent implantations. The site will be pulled into the slot scraps can be generated, which can lead to further decay and gum disease.

The teeth, however, must be completed within the shortest period of time, as the unpleasant feeling of comfort over time, poorer nutrition, stomach problems, digestive difficulties, jaw-joint problems. The tooth loss and bone loss of teeth due to leave, and decided that their features can result in a change.

What is an implant?
The implants are artificial teeth roots that are planted to replace the lost teeth by surgical means. The prosthetic implant can be used as strong and as if the restoration of natural teeth and ready. More natural than any other prosthetic device. To feel as if his back would have a real, strong, healthy teeth.

The titanium screw implants, which are specialized dental engine placed in the jaw bone, as will substitutes, carrier, the utility function of an artificial tooth root. So the jaw bone screw is inserted, or simply recovering. This is from 3 to 6 months up clinging to the surrounding bones strong, it becomes very load-bearing unit.

Who do we recommend the implant?
Everyone who is able to maintain proper oral hygiene and there is no contraindication.
The bone-implant fixation statistical data, 95% – 97% done successfully, but there are some factors that reduce the success. Heavy smokers, poor oral hygiene will significantly reduce the chances of success, such as certain illnesses. diabetes, cardiovascular diseases are also serious megfontolandová intervention. 18 years of age before or during pregnancy is not advisable to carry out the implantation.

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